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Felicia adult dog all breeds lamp & rice

Felicia adult dog all breeds lamp & rice

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Together with our nutritionists, we have prepared a hypoallergenic special formula with reduced grain content so that our lovely friends can be fed in accordance with their natural living conditions and live healthier. Felicia, which has highly digestible animal protein sources, has been specially developed against digestive and allergy sensitivities.

Why Low-Grain and HypoAllergenic Felicia® does not contain beef, dairy products, wheat, soy, potatoes, artificial sweeteners, colours, chemical flavors and GMOs associated with allergic reactions! Felicia Medium Large Adult Lamb: Felicia Adult Lamb is a special food for sensitive adult dogs.

It meets all the special needs of adult large breeds by blending the optimum protein content from real lamb with the flavor of anchovy fish. Because large breed dogs are prone to joint problems, Felicia Adult Lamb is highly enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin. In addition, the combination of Omega 3-6 fatty acids it contains contributes to the formation of lively, silky and shiny hair while supporting the protection of healthy skin.