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 Basic 8 slim Aquarium Black

Basic 8 slim Aquarium Black

45 JOD

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Seamless design, completely prevents water or salt stains from accumulating on the edge of the fish tank, and is very easy to clean and maintain.

The SMD LED tube is installed in a sealed PC tube (3), which has the same sealing design as the heating tube, which is simple and safe to use, and also solves the problem of failure of ordinary LED lamps due to moisture in an electric circuit. In addition, filter lenses (shell color and pink) are provided to add fish color - the pink filter lens is suitable for goldfish / tropical fish, while the blue filter lens is suitable for seawater landscape effect.

Fully enclosed tank top filter box, equipped with filter element and biological ring.

Attached with a mute device, placed at the water outlet of the water filter box, it can centralize the water flow and reduce the noise generated by the water circulation