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Cat Ear Care 100ml

Cat Ear Care 100ml


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The cat family, which has a perfect ear structure, can distinguish between the sound waves they hear and sort them out in different ways in their brains. Thanks to this capability, they have such a powerful and special sensory mechanism to hear the movement of a live insect at a long distance from them, the breathing of a mouse or any object that emits sound waves. In nature, the cats rely primarily on this special ability to survive, to secure their safety and also as part of their hunting skills. So, we advised by the experts that regular ear care is recommended so that our friends, who have accommodated themselves to the common life with us, feel healthy and safe. Beavis® Ear Care ear cleaning solution will help you to remove any dirt piled up in their ears effectively and easily, for the benefit of our friends with whom we share the same universe. The ears of our friends, who cannot call their needs and discomforts as we do, should be checked and cleaned regularly and this procedure should be repeated depending on the density and severity of the dirt. We recommend that you do this by wrapping your cat in a towel, as it may show some reaction during the procedure. Strictly, avoid using any a sharp, pointed object such as a cotton swab, for inner ear cleaning. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the eardrum. Depending on the severity of the dirt in the ear, 3-5 drops should be put inside the ear and it should be rubbed as if massaging, and after allowing your cat to shake its head, the ear canal should be wiped thoroughly with a piece of cotton. You can use Beavis® Ear Care ear cleaning and care solution regularly for the motivation and health of our lovely friend.