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Bioline universal cosmetic wipes 10pcs

Bioline universal cosmetic wipes 10pcs

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Bioline 10un Wet Wipes are designed to clean and moisturize your pet's skin in a safe and efficient way. With an ideal size to take everywhere and so your pet will always be clean at all times. Made of non-woven fibers with amino acid hydration factor. Safe and gentle, especially for pet stains on muzzle, eyes, feet, ears and others. Bioline and its line of grooming and hygiene products for dogs and cats provide optimal and particularly gentle care for your pets' coats. Bioline 10un Wet Wipes keep pets clean comfortably and easily. They are especially suitable for cleaning, deodorizing and polishing the animal's fur. It must be remembered that wet towels for pets help in cleaning, but they will never be the same as the bathroom. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Lift the lid, removing the seal and take out the first wet wipe. Then close again to maintain the humidity of the product. USES Ideal for cleaning areas such as the mouth, external area of ​​the ears, folds, perianal area, legs, fur, etc. Very useful for removing dirt after a walk, protecting your pet and home from external contamination. Very safe and easy to use