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fresh breath by tropiclean total care - for large dogs

fresh breath by tropiclean total care - for large dogs

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Fresh Breath by TropiClean Total Care Kit for Large Dogs is a complete oral care solution for clean teeth, fresh breath and a healthy mouth. The Total Care Kit comes with our Brushing Gel, Water Enhancer, TripleFlex Toothbrush for Large Dogs, and Gentle Finger Brush. The unique blend of ingredients in the Brushing Gel helps remove and defend against plaque and tartar while the unique blend of ingredients in the Water Enhancer provide up to 12 hours of fresh breath and defense against plaque & tartar. The combination of Brushing Gel, Water Enhancer and toothbrushes provides your pet with complete oral care – removing plaque and tartar safely and effectively and freshening their breath for up to 12 hours. Simply cut the tip of the applicator and squeeze a small amount of Brushing Gel onto a brush. Gently brush in a circular motion. Brush teeth once daily. Add 3 pumps of Water Enhancer to your dog’s 16 oz water bowl when you refill it.
Key Benefits
-Includes everything you need to start your pup’s dental routine: TripleFlex Toothbrush, Gentle Finger Brush, 2-ounces Brushing Gel and 1-ounce Drops Water Enhancer.
-Fur-eshens breath and helps remove plaque and tarter for all-over mouthcare.
-Add Water Enhancer to his water bowl for 12 hours of kissable breath!
-TripleFlex toothbrush has 3 bristled sides for faster brushing than a standard 1-sided toothbrush.
-Proudly made in the USA for our furry friends who are 12 weeks and older.